HAB students take inspiration from , sibling of HAB alumni and the first Muslim woman to jockey at a Bristish race. Taster day .! Thanks for giving our students this unique opportunity. Potential jockeys in the making!


Retweetd From Riding A Dream Academy

We have loved having such amazing groups from and with us this week for the first of our Taster Days Definitely think there are a few jockeys to watch out for in the future 🏇🏇🏇


Year 9 students went to 参加了参展艺术家安东尼·戴利(Anthony Daley)的讲座,然后参加了艺术家乔·刘易斯(Jo Lewis)的工作坊.


Delicious French treats for the journey home!


What a fabulous pic of HAB exploring Paris!


一组在从诺曼底回来的路上,另一组在去巴黎过周末的路上! Enriching experiences!


Alayna and Noor, Year 10, report on the Let's Connect Mental Health Conference, which explored mental health concerns facing young people today. Picture credit: Noor. Read their report at


HAB students having an enriching and enjoyable time in Normandy this week!


合乐888手机版的第一个反种族主义社区之声项目让学生有机会在合乐888手机版的学校背景下表达他们的观点和讨论种族问题. 合乐888手机版希望为合乐888手机版所服务的社区,把HAB发展成为一个更加公平和公正的地方 Read more


HAB Year 8s at Pembroke College, Cambridge with learning about life as a student and the opportunities of this pathway. “这太美了”“这让我现在都想上大学了。!’


Students are having a wonderful time at the library’s Literary Tea Party. They’ve been making potions, decorating gingerbread, playing word games and making jewellery inspired by books!


Preparations are in full swing for our residential trips. In Paris, students will enjoy a riverboat cruise with views of Parisian landmarks, visit Montmartre and the Sacré Coeur area, the Louvre Museum and enjoy the Eiffel Tower. We are so excited, D-9!!!!


Thank you for a very enriching experience for our Year 8 students. Fascinating and impressive discussions around what make a good law, totalitarian societies and dystopia!


On Thurs 26th Jan, Y10戏剧在伦敦西区的吉尔古德剧院观看了迷人的《合乐888官方平台》. We also had a Q&A with the cast and crew, 为HAB的学生提供了一个深入了解这种规模产品的创作过程的机会!


Preparations in full swing for our residential trips. Yr 9 &10 students will spend 4 days in Normandy visiting sites from WW2, the famous Bayeux Tapestry depicting the Norman Conquest, UNESCO World Heritage site Mont Saint Michel and the city of Caen.D-12!!!!


On Saturday 28th Jan, the HAB dancers took part in the Step into Dance Battle 2023. A workshop with Zoonation and a chance to showcase their work. Great effort from all the dancers, well done!


GCSE and A-Level Drama students enjoyed Mandela the Musical Students learnt about the life of Nelson Mandela who led the struggle against Apartheid, a system of institutionalised racial segregation that existed in S. Africa. The original music was a highlight!


What a great experience for our students to see the potential for their journey in science. Taking their own ECG was a highlight - having their finger on the pulse! 🫀


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Amazing day at with , , and 学生们将会有很棒的实验室和讲座,包括古生物学家的讲座 . Wonderful experience brilliant day!


A huge thank you to all the facilitators for providing workshops on Mental Health, Gut Health and World Foods to our Year 7 cohort today.

Harris Academies
合乐888手机版联盟的所有学院都旨在通过迅速提高考试成绩来改变他们所服务的学生的生活, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office
















Staying Safe Online

The online world is a wonderful place for young people to explore, with unprecedented opportunities for learning and creativity. 

As with the real world, however, online space needs to be explored with vigilance and a critical eye. 在合乐888官方平台合乐888手机版的目标是在所有学生与合乐888手机版一起的岁月里告知和教育他们, helping them use the internet, and online media, safely and positively. Your daughter will leave the Academy well-equipped to develop a positive digital footprint and stay safe online.

At HAB we incorporate e-safety into our curriculum, including training in lessons, tutor time and academy events. 合乐888手机版充分认识到包括父母和照顾者在这方面的合乐888手机版的重要性,并热情地邀请您通过合乐888手机版的网站熟悉合乐888手机版使用的资源. 这个页面也旨在让你放心,告诉你如果你有任何顾虑,可以联系谁.

Your daughter’s safety is our highest priority. 请知道,合乐888手机版将为您提供任何有关在线和离线保护的问题. We have Designated Safeguarding Leads who can be contacted via our Safeguarding page. We will then contact you and arrange to swiftly address your concern.

You can get excellent articles about staying safe online, written by ParentInfo, from Online safety news stories from HAB can be found in our staying safe online news.

Click HERE to see the PowerPoint from our Online Safety webinar in December 2020, with all resources and links included.

Parent tips: how you can help your daughter stay safe

  • Talk to your daughter about how she is using her electronic devices. 定期的谈话会让你的女儿觉得,如果她发现自己有困难,她可以来找你.
  • 保持对不同社交媒体网站的了解,并继续积极关注你的女儿如何使用她的iPad和手机, should she have one.
  • 许多社交媒体平台都有最低年龄要求,被认为不适合13岁以下的儿童. This age limit is a legal requirement and needs to be respected. 值得注意的是,流行的社交应用程序WhatsApp的年龄限制为16岁.
  • 在你的家庭互联网上使用家长控制来保护你的女儿不受不合适的互联网区域的影响.
  • Limit the amount of screen time allowed to your daughter, encouraging screen-free time at least one hour before bed.
  • 请注意,弹出式广告、游戏和广告可能有隐藏成本和/或不合适. These are blocked on your daughter’s school iPad but they may be accessed via phones.

Tutor time presentations

为了帮助你的女儿安全上网,合乐888手机版利用家教时间来解释一些关键问题,以及它们会如何影响你的女儿. 合乐888手机版也热烈邀请您下载演示文稿,以便您可以查看内容并与您的女儿讨论信息.

What is Cyberbullying (Autumn 2017)

The digital footprint – identity and self-esteem (Spring 2018)

Useful Videos for Parents

You might find the following videos helpful. They have been produced for parents by Live My Digital. You may wish to discuss the content with your daughter after watching the films together.

Useful Websites

It’s a good idea to keep up-to-date with the current issues around staying safe online. 有一些很好的资源,详细介绍了年轻女孩是如何脆弱的,并提供了保持意识和帮助你女儿的建议.

  • – latest news from ParentInfo relating to online safety
  • -一个非营利性组织,致力于帮助互联网成为一个伟大而安全的地方
  • - an education programme from the National Crime Agency’s CEOP Command.
  • – advice on preventing abuse and keeping children safe online.
  • - a guide to the social networks children use. 该网站由英国防止虐待儿童协会和O2联合创建,旨在帮助父母探索和理解孩子们所了解的网络生活. 

Your daughter’s iPad

您的女儿将配备一台iPad,并被要求每天带到学院. iPad让你的女儿有机会在一个安全的空间探索科技世界,并培养她对设备和应用程序的流畅性.  iPad可以在课堂上用作辅助学习、评估理解和布置作业的工具. 学院允许的一些应用程序已经安装在iPad上. You are encouraged to explore these with your daughter. 您的女儿将会得到一个iPad保护套,它需要在任何时候保护设备. Each parent and student will need to sign the HAB iPad agreement form.

Prohibited use

虽然合乐888手机版相信合乐888手机版所有的学生都能正确使用ipad,但合乐888手机版也清楚如何不使用这些设备. No iPad is to be used for social purposes. 每台iPad都经过了彻底检查,以确保没有社交网络应用程序,并且禁止学生在iPad上添加应用程序. As with any device it is illegal to send explicit images to another person. This includes images of the sender themselves. We hope that with awareness this will not be an issue we encounter. 除非你的女儿在图书馆工作或在允许使用iPad的俱乐部工作,否则在课外不能使用iPad.

How HAB protects your daughter

Each iPad is set up with applications appropriate to the needs of the students. Students are not able to download other applications onto their device. 合乐888手机版集中控制应用程序,因此合乐888手机版可以监控您女儿所访问的内容.

HAB has a ban on the use of social media on iPads. 这是为了让学生可以自由地使用iPad作为学习工具,而不受其他干扰.

We check devices regularly and will look through the device, with your daughter, should we have any concerns. You, 作为家长和监护人,合乐888手机版也将立即联系,合乐888手机版提前感谢你们的支持,帮助女孩们保持安全.

iPad and Phone FAQs

Q – I am concerned my daughter may be using her iPad inappropriately.

在这种情况下,尽快让你女儿的班主任意识到你的担忧是很重要的. You can call the school and leave a message with reception, which will then be passed onto the correct teacher. Year 7 form tutors are available each Tuesday 4-5pm for ‘surgery’ meetings with parents. Advanced appointments are not necessary.

Q – I believe my daughter is not able to use her iPad correctly and to its full advantage.

Your daughter will need to bring in her iPad and explain the problem to her tutor, who may be able to help. If the problem cannot be solved with her tutor, your daughter will be able to receive guidance from our iPad expert, Amy Morris, in the library. They can visit the library during their lunchtime, before and after school.

Q – My daughter has lost/damaged her charger, her device or her iPad cover.

如果您的女儿遗失或损坏了任何设备,请立即通知她的班主任. A member of staff will then be in touch with you to inform you of

Q – I am worried about my daughter’s safety online, either on her personal phone or iPad.

If possible, 到学校接待处,要求与当值校长交谈,他会把你的问题作为紧急事项转达给有关的教职员. Alternatively, you can call reception and leave a message for your daughter's Assistant Principal, who will contact you the same day. In certain situation an incident may become a Police matter. 在这种情况下,合乐888手机版将与社区官员密切合作,确保您女儿的安全.